PLAYFUL PERCUSSION - Music residencies, workshops and assemblies in Hawaii schools

DISCOVERY - Residential life skills and leadership seminar for teens in New Zealand

AUTHENTICITY - Corporate presentation and facilitation skills workshop

- A fellowship of friends developing the Alchemifire Ritual

FIRE TRIBE HAWAII - Midnight to dawn Sacred Fire Circles

THE RE-SOURCERY - Articles on the Alchemical Fire Circle

- My entry into the World Beach Project

NEW WORLD RHYTHMATISM - A new approach to community drum, dance and song

MUSIC MAGIC - Music related projects

DJEMBE AND MANDE - Reference pages on West African drumming

SONGS AND CHANTS - Music about life, the universe and everything

PERCOLATOR CARDS - inspiration in the Fire Circle

THE "LIKE VIRUS" - know, like...

CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING - (click video or document below for more information...)


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Those are some awesome living services! I wish that I would have known about some of these things when my parents were looking for a place like this. This looks fantastic!

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